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Dunc'd On: 2017 NBA Finals Game 4
Cleveland destroys Golden State to take the series to a Game 5. We break down the Cavs’ devastating run to open the game, look at what Golden State can do better to counter in Game 5, and appreciate the incredible talent on the floor in this series. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux

Podcast Archive

Kawhi Leonard to TOR From Every Angle; SAC/MEM Trade, News
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Kawhi Leonard is traded for DeMar DeRozan. We look at what the Raptors can be this year, whether Kawhi should/needs to show up in Toronto, the return from the Spurs’ standpoint, and whether other suitors for Kawhi should have offered more. We also hit on the Kings/Grizz trade and
Free Agency Wrap-Up: Every Deal, Every Team, Every Trade the Last 4 Days
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. We go through all the fascinating transactions of the last few days, including the Zach LaVine offer sheet, Kyle Anderson moving to the Grizzlies, and all the rest of the signings and trades. Plus we review how much space each team has to work with still. With host Nate
PHI/DEN Trade; 2018 Free Agency Days 3 and 4, Every Signing
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. We break down the trade of Wilson Chandler into Philly’s cap space and discuss the latest signings from days 3 and 4 of 2018 free agency. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA).  And if you like this pod, please donate to support Nate and Danny at  Merchandise available at
Lakers Fill Out the Roster, Cousins to GSW, Every Signing, Every Team Day 2
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Another crazy day in free agency, as the Lakers renounce Julius Randle and sign Rajon Rondo, the Warriors suddenly agree with DeMarcus Cousins. Randle ends up in New Orleans, and every other signing, plus the remaining free agents and every team’s cap and tax situation. With host Nate Duncan
Crazy First Night of Free Agency; Every Signing, Trends, Winners & Losers
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. This is what we live for, almost 2 hours, every signing that happened in the first few hours of free agency. PG’s return to OKC, Ariza’s shocking destination, CP back in Houston, and everything else. We also look at the winners and losers, pick and best and worst contract
Kawhi/Lakers Scenarios, Gortat/Rivers Trade; News; NYK, CLE, IND Offseasons
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. The Kawhi Leonard sweepstakes heat up, as we discuss the perspectives of the Lakers and Spurs and what offers we would make if we were the Lakers. Then we plow through a lot more news, including the Rivers/Gortat trade. Finally, the offeseason for the Knicks, Cavs, and Pacers with
2018 Mock Offseason Part 2 with Kevin Pelton, Dan Feldman, and Danny Leroux
Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. The mock offseason continues! Finally some trades give teams a little breathing room, and the player agent continues to get squeezed as the market tightens again. And we give our impressions of the process this year, what it means for the market, and get some thoughts from innocent bystander