How to Pause the #TwitterNBAShow Periscope Feed for Streamers to Sync

We get asked a lot how you can pause the Periscope feed to sync up our video if you’re streaming and our game feed is ahead of yours. It takes a little bit of work, but it’s pretty simple. There are two ways to do it.


Here’s a screenshot of what that looks like on Android

And here’s what it looks like on iPhone:


On desktop, the stream can be paused using Opera Browser.  You can download Opera here. Go into settings and enable Pop-Up Video as shown.

Then, navigate to Periscope.TV/NateDuncanNBA and start playing the video.  As soon as it starts playing, hover over the screen and a green pop-out icon will appear at the top of the video.

Click on that and the video will pop out. You’ll want to do it fast, because sometimes it disappears, but if you refresh the page it will come back.  Once you’ve created the popout video, there will be a pause button in the lower left corner of the popout.

So it will take a little work, but I hope this will help streamers sync up and enjoy the show.

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