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Podcast Archive

Finals Game 6, Jamal Murray Scouting Report
We break down another ridiculous LeBron James performance to get us to a Game 7.  Why the suddenly hobbled Warriors are looking vulnerable.  Does Cleveland have the two best players in the series right now?  Who is the MVP? And what adjustments can the Warriors make?   At 36:30 we break down Kentucky combo guard
Larry Coon, Jaylen Brown Scouting Report, PHX Offseason Preview
NBA Cap guru Larry Coon (@LarryCoon) on the 2016 cap spike, the issues for a potential work stoppage in 2017, and Sports Business Classrom. At 32:00, a scouting report on Jaylen Brown.  Why Nate really likes him in spite of some really bad statistical translations.  Then (55:00), a look at the Phoenix Suns offseason, how
HOU Offseason Cap Preview, Scouting Dragan Bender, News
The Houston Rockets have a projected $43 million in space and could get enough for 2 max slots if they shed a little more salary. Why they could make a really good pitch to Kevin Durant that he should at least listen to.  If no Durant, what are the backup plans? At 31:00 we go
Finals Game 5, BRK Offseason Preview
Kyrie Irving and LeBron James both drop 41 incredible points to lead the Cavs to a Game 5 victory.  We look at all Kyrie’s shots and catalog an incredible night of shotmaking.  How does this win affect the series going forward, and what are the chances we get a Game 7?  On the other end
Finals Game 4, DET Offseason Preview w/ Dan Feldman
A full recap of Golden State’s huge Game 4 victory over Cleveland.  How the Warriors were able to wear down the Cavs, and audio from Coach Lue on his thinking playing his guys the entire second half.  Also, why the criticisms of LeBron’s perceived lack of aggressiveness are misplaced, what Cleveland can do better in
Finals Game 3, MIN Offseason Cap Preview w/ Kevin Pelton
Kevin Pelton (@KPelton) joins to discuss Game 3 of the Finals.  Was the blowout the result of the Cavs playing well or the Warriors poorly, and what does this mean for the rest of the series?  We also take some mailbag questions on the series. At 29:30 we preview the Minnesota Timberwolves’ offseason.  What can they do with
CHI and ATL Offseason Cap Previews, Steph Curry out of Olympics
News, including Steph Curry out of the Olympics and the NBA refs decrying the L2M report. At 15:30, what the Chicago Bulls can do with their $22 million or so in cap space to fill holes at center and backup point guard, and how would that affect their projected $64 million in 2017 space?  At
Brandon Ingram Scouting Report, LAL Offseason Cap Preview
Projected 2nd pick Brandon Ingram shot 40% on 3s and has a 7’3 wingspan.  Why is Nate not as high on him as some others are?  At 23:00, a preview of the Lakers’ offseason. They’ll have between $58 million and $69 million in space.  We look at three plans for them this offseason, evaluate the
Finals Game 2, CHA Offseason Cap Preview
Another Golden State blowout win sets up a must-win.  Why has the Cleveland offense struggled so badly, and is there anything they can do about it?  We also delve into a fascinating but under-the-radar offseason for the Charlotte Hornets.  Can they re-sign key free agents Nicolas Batum, Courtney Lee, Jeremy Lin, and Marvin Williams, and