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Atlanta Hawks Season Evaluation with Brad Rowland

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. One of the most fascinating young teams is the subject of today’s season evaluation. Brad Rowland of Peachtree Hoops and Locked on Hawks discusses the evolution of the Hawks 5 key young players, what they should do with their cap space this summer, and what went wrong

Atlantic Division Battle Plan

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. A run through how the teams in the Atlantic Division should be approaching the next few years, in order: NYK, BRK, PHI, TOR, BOS. Note that COVID Daily News is now a separate pod. Please subscribe to that show on its own feed via Apple, Spotify or

The Victory Machine and the Warriors dynasty with Ethan Strauss

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Ethan Strauss discusses the process behind his great book the Victory Machine and more questions about his favorite Warrior to interact with, whether creating a sustainable dynasty would have been possible for the Warriors without KD, and whether KD’s complaints about him have any merit. Plus we

Southwest Division Battle Plans

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Looks at the Pels, Grizz, Spurs, Mavs, and Rockets’ futures and how we would approach their long-term planning. How does New Orleans build around Zion and Ingram? Same question for the Grizz with Ja Morant and Jaren Jackson? Do the Spurs have enough young talent to begin

Listener Mailbag Part 2

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Who to trade on the Nets, how to do a successful rebuild and avoid being the Knicks, would the Pels consider drafting Ja over Zion in a redraft, could the Clippers ever capture LA, can we trust the league to restart safely, and many more in a

Listener Mailbag Part 1

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Gaming out the playoff bracket, what kinds of players are undervalued in the marketplace, which players are worth the supermax, how to determine if teams are good or great via the eye test, and a lightning round. We had over 100 submissions so we’ll be back with

The Last Dance 1&2 Reaction; Landmark Sports Agent Evaluation

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Nate and Danny discuss The Last Dance from 2 different perspectives, Nate from having lived in Chicago during the dynasty and Danny with fresh eyes. We hit on the craziness of Jerry Krause, Scottie Pippen’s grievances, and why the whole narrative of Michael Jordan’s competitiveness may have