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Announcing the Twitter NBA Show

A quick preview of the Twitter NBA show, a live streaming show on Twitter featuring Danny and Nate at halftimes and postgame of national games.  Follow Nate on Periscope @NateDuncanNBA and stay tuned for Tweets with the videos at halftime.  The first episodes will be Wednesday, November 16 for Warriors/Raptors and Clippers/Grizzlies.

Time to Panic?

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. We give panic meter ratings for disappointing teams early on, including the Knicks, Pacers, Magic, Wizards, Heat, and Sixers.  Then a look at some East players who have disappointed so far, followedby more panic meter ratings for the West, New Orleans, Minnesota, Phoenix, Dallas, and Golden State. With host

2017 Draft Prospect Overview with Mike Schmitz

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Master video scout Mike Schmitz of DraftExpress joins to discuss the best 2017 NBA draft prospects and who he will be tracking this season.  We go through his top-10 prospects and also hit on his personal sleepers.  Prospects discussed include Markelle Fultz, Dennis Smith, Jr., Jayson Tatum, Josh Jackson,

15 in 60 (Western Conference 11.07.16)

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. The year’s first 15 in 60 on the Western Conference.  We go through each of the teams in the West in alphabetical order and share our observations from the first week and a half of the season. With host Nate Duncan (@NateDuncanNBA) and Danny Leroux (@DannyLeroux).

WAS/TOR, BOS/CHI, More Reddit Mailbag

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. Recaps of Toronto/Washington and Boston/Chicago, followed by a continuation of the Reddit mailbag.  Questions include how much would LeBron James be worth if he only played fourth quarters, which teams might make a big trade, and which players they might acquire, how to handle the Okafor/Noel situation in Philly,

New CBA Nerdout with Larry Coon

Click to subscribe via RSS feed or iTunes. The Godfather of CBA analysts, Larry Coon, joins to break down every aspect that we’ve heard about the new CBA.  What will be in the new agreement, what should be in the new agreement, what might not be, and what teams will be helped and hurt by the new