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Podcast Archive

Brandon Miller Scouting Report
Our first draft scouting report on Brandon Miller. What do we know about his possible involvement in the alleged capital murder by a teammate in Tuscaloosa, and what effect should it have on his draft stock? On the floor, how does Miller compare with the elite wing prospects of the past few drafts, and would
MIA/BOS Game 6
Boston somehow wins a game that was an all-time classic in its own right, not to mention it gives them a chance to become the first team to come back from a 3-0 deficit. We go through the craziness of this game that preceded the last few minutes, before a thorough breakdown of the insanity
MIA/BOS Game 5; Brandon Miller Scouting Report
The Boston Celtics comfortably win Game 5 to push Miami to a third closeout game, this time at home. Why was Boston able to win the last 6 quarters so comfortably, and will it travel? What has changed so remarkably in this series? Then our first draft scouting report on Brandon Miller. What do we
LAL/DEN Game 3; PHI and GSW Offseasons
The Nuggets survive the Lakers’ best shot with aplomb, as their offensive brilliance pushed the Lakers into too many difficult decisions. Plus, the Nuggets are a lot better at a pretty important skill. We look at two vanquished teams with high expectations and expensive rosters. What effect will the new CBA have on these teams’
The New CBA With the Capfather Larry Coon
Larry Coon, the best CBA expert there is, joins the show to break down the biggest changes in 2023 CBA, including the dreaded second apron, changes to the minimum team salary, modifications to veteran and rookie scale extensions, the easing of trade rules, and much more. Larry also discusses his Sports Business Classroom, where you can
PHI/BOS Game 7, Ja Morant, Monty is Out
Jayson Tatum burnishes his legacy, while James Harden and Joel Embiid tarnish theirs in what became a Game 7 runaway for Boston. The amazing Boston defense, and what went wrong for Philly. Ja Morant keeps doing the same thing over and over, what do we expect to happen now? Monty Williams will be replaced in
GSW/SAC Game 7; MIA/NYK Game 1
Stephen Curry submits a performance for the ages to conclude one of the best first-round series we’ve seen. Plus, the adjustments by Steve Kerr, that amazing 3rd quarter rebounding, and what to make of this stirring Kings season. Miami’s experience showed in a Game 1 victory at the Garden, but they may have to navigate
Another All-Timer From Butler; Lakers Survive to Go Up 3-1
We go long on an epic Monday night of games. Jimmy Butler’s submits one of the great playoff games ever to push Milwaukee to the brink. We go through the Heat’s improbable comeback from 12 down in the last 6 minutes. LeBron James somehow summons the late game magic to go up 3-1 on Memphis.