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Podcast Archive

Western Conference Offseason Grades 2024–Part 1
The first part of our look at the Western Conference offseasons, with NO business school grade inflation! A “C” is average folks. Oklahoma City Thunder Denver Nuggets L.A. Clippers Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns Los Angeles Lakers Golden State Warriors Subscribe to Dunc’d On Prime, the only place to get every episode with Nate & Danny,
Paul George reveals the course of negotiations with the Clippers. At 16:00, we catch-up on a few other signings from the last couple days. Then, we reevaluate some interesting predictions about Dejounte Murray, Pascal Siakam, the 2024 playoffs, and more. 27:00 and make some new predictions about: Whether Lauri Markkanen will be traded-41:00 Whether Brandon
Every signing of Days 3 and 4 of 2024 Free Agency
Donovan Mitchell extends in Cleveland. 8:12–Financial implications of LeBron re-signing on a 1+1 for the max, Bronny’s contract relative to other late selections. 19:20–The Orlando Magic have used their financial flexibility to assemble a crazy deep team. 29:00–Golden State’s signing of Kyle Anderson and pursuit of Buddy Hield 38:00–Phoenix, Milwaukee and Boston make value signings
Day 1 of 2024 Free Agency–Part 1
Paul George spurns the Clippers, or was it the other way around? What does this mean now for the Clippers, plus we put a rather ugly bow on this 213 era of Clippers basketball. The Nuggets also take an apparent step back in their championship contention with the departure of KCP.  Is there any justification
2024 NBA Draft Part 1
Nate and Danny break down all of the major trades, picks and signings involving the teams through the 9th pick in the draft. Part 2 is available exclusively on Dunc’d On Prime. Hawks take Risacher 5:26–Wizards picks and trade with Blazers 26:00–Knicks night, re-signing OG and draft moves 35:00–Portland gets Donovan Clingan 39:00–Houston takes Reed
Jonathan Givony on the 2024 Draft
Jonathan Givony of ESPN is our guest to discuss some of the big themes around the 2024 draft and debate the top picks. On the docket: How will the new 2-day format affect the second round? 12:45: Why he has Zaccharie Risacher #1 on his board 17:00 Alex Sarr’s potential as a do-everything center 19:30
Ron Holland Scouting Report; Washington & Houston Offseasons
The Washington Wizards have the #2 pick as their key decision this offseason, but also have potential trade pieces to abet their rebuild. 25:10–Houston got lottery luck moving up to #3.  Who are the best fits there? How do their recent draft successes factor into the possibility of trading for a star and their long-term
Mock Offseason 2024 Part 1
The 2024 Mock Offseason is here. Kevin Pelton of ESPN, Danny Leroux, and Dan Feldman control the 30 teams, and Nate Duncan is the player agent as they game out the offseason. In Part 1, each GM lays out the goals for their team. Then, Donovan Mitchell weighs whether to extend with Cleveland or evaluate
The Boston Celtics are the 2024 NBA Champions; Alex Sarr Scouting Report
One of the best organizations in the NBA is finally rewarded with an elusive championship. What path did they take to get to this point, and how did the players, coaches, and organization evolve along the journey? Plus, where does this Boston team rank historically after dominant regular and postseasons? What do we make of
2024 NBA Finals Game 3; Remembering Jerry West
Despite the absence of Kristaps Porzingis, the Celtics largely controlled Game 3 as they played their game and the Mavericks couldn’t play theirs. We also remember the amazing basketball life of Jerry West. Four more episodes with Nate & Danny per week are available exclusively on Dunc’d On Prime, plus it’s the only place to