All 8 Game 1s in the 2023 Playoffs

Nate was in the building for a series that started off living up to its building in Sacramento.  How did the Kings beat the Warriors in Game 1, and has the outlook for the series changed?

The Knicks exposed some of the Cavs’ weaknesses, plus the strategic quandary Cleveland must solve to be competitive in this series.

Brooklyn actually……played pretty well against Philly? But they still lost by 20. Is it good that they looked ok or bad that it still wasn’t close to good enough?

The Hawks played one of the worst halves you can on both ends in losing to the Celtics.

The Lakers take a 1-0 lead on the road behind their supporting cast as Ja Morant’s status is in doubt going forward. Fix the charge!

The Clippers rally for an inspiring win behind Kawhi Leonard and Russell Westbrook, while Phoenix has major questions to answer.

Giannis Antetokounmpo also exits early, but Jimmy Butler exorcises some of his demons against the Bucks with a virtuoso performance.

The Nuggets take care of business against a toothless Wolves offense.

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