Anthony Black Scouting Report; Houston and San Antonio Offseasons

Big point guard Anthony Black of Arkansas is today’s scouting report. We try to assess what to make of his unique strengths and weaknesses at the position.

After catching up on the latest rumors, we discuss one of the key teams of the offseason in the Houston Rockets. They are sitting on over $60 million in cap space. Do the James Harden rumors make sense for Houston? How should they be approaching the near future given they don’t control their next few years of draft picks? Who should they zero in on with the 4th pick? And if it’s not James Harden, which players make the most sense in free agency to satisfy the win-now edict but also build for the future?

In San Antonio, what should they do with up to $38 million or so in cap space? Should they try to find young complements to Victor Wembanyama now, find solid veterans, or rent out their cap space to taxed out teams?

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