The Biggest Floppers in the NBA; COVID19 World News Roundup, Jill B. Berkeley (Nate’s Mom) on COVID Insurance Issues

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Late on April Fool’s Day, Nate and Danny pick the biggest floppers in the NBA, finally giving these beautiful thespians their due. They go through the candidates and pick a top 3, and also credit those who flop the least.

Then the daily coronavirus roundup, as Nate goes through the latest on equipment shortages in the US, the particulars of the US small business loan programs, the evolving studies on asymptomatic carriers, continuing reports of unreliable Chinese statistics, and other world news including a Danish ray of hope.

Then Jill B. Berkeley, an insurance lawyer with 40 years of experience (and Nate’s mom), discusses the potential for business owners to obtain insurance coverage for losses due to the coronavirus.

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