Capela Re-Signs, News, Re-Grading the 2017 Offseason (West)

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Clint Capela returns to Houston on a surprisingly inexpensive deal; why did it happen? We catch up on the rest of the news, then hold ourselves accountable for our offseason grades for the Western Conference. How do big moves like the Paul George and D”Angelo Russell trades look in hindsight?


0:00-15:50 = Clint Capela signing

15:50-28:15 = Other Recent NBA News

28:15-56:40 = DAL-LAC 2017 Offseason Re-grades

56:40-1:19:10 = LAL-OKC 2017 Offseason Re-grades

1:19:10-1:41:30 = PHO-UTA 2017 Offseason Re-grades

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