Central Division Trade Outlook; Defending Our Top-10 Prospects in the NBA

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Time to laser in on the trade deadline with a look at the Central Division. What are the Pistons looking to get with Andre Drummond, and what about Derrick Rose and Langston Galloway? The Cavs would love to move Kevin Love, as well as their expiring contracts to take on bad money for assets, can they get that done? Milwaukee has ammo with a 1st from Indiana in the Brogdon trade, what do they need to upgrade for their championship run and who could be fits? Would it make sense for Indiana to shake things up or do they want to see how it plays out with Victor Oladipo healthy?  And do the Bulls have a second straight big trade deadline move in them?

Then we get into listener comments on the Top-10 Prospects in the NBA, as we defend our lists against all comers.

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