COVID Daily News: Experts we've had on the show

We’ve had amazing scientists on COVID Daily News the last month. We highly recommend catching up on these episodes.

May 28: Biostatistics Expert Dr. Natalie Dean: US Reopening, Sweden, and Research Advancements

May 18: How COVID19 Treatment Has Evolved with ICU Dr. Sergio Trevino Castillo

May 13: Virologist Dr. Angela Rasmussen: Testing Issues; Virus Mutations; Studying Infectous Dose

May 11: What We’ve Learned About the Coronavirus w/ Dr. Jill Weatherhead; USA and World News

May 6: How the Virus is Spreading with Epidemiologist Matthew Fox

April 29: Vaccine Challenges with Dr. Maria Elena Bottazzi

April 20: Combating Misinformation, Modeling the Spread, and Testing Issues w/ Dr. Carl Bergstrom; World and USA News Roundup

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