Golden State Warriors Retrospective with Anthony Slater

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In the first of a series, Warriors beat man Anthony Slater of The Athletic looks back on the Warriors season. The rundown:

  • Give the team overall a grade for the season
  • What are the biggest things the team learned this year?
  • What are the biggest questions still unanswered?
  • What was the biggest positive surprise to you this season?
  • What was the biggest disappointment this season?
  • Do you feel better or worse about this team’s long-term future now than before the season?
  • Team MVP (this one was tough)?
  • Rotation player who struggled the most?
  • Progress report on team’s young players
  • Who do you expect to still be a key player on this team in 2 years, start of the 2021-22 season?
  • One word to describe this team’s season

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