Jonathan Givony on the 2024 Draft

Jonathan Givony of ESPN is our guest to discuss some of the big themes around the 2024 draft and debate the top picks. On the docket:

  • How will the new 2-day format affect the second round?
  • 12:45: Why he has Zaccharie Risacher #1 on his board
  • 17:00 Alex Sarr’s potential as a do-everything center
  • 19:30 Why Nate has Reed Sheppard #1 on HIS board, and what Jonathan thinks of that.
  • 23:00 The comparisons for Stephon Castle
  • 27:00 A debate on Donovan Clingan, who Jonathan is higher on than Nate
  • 34:00 A debate on Ron Holland, who Nate is much higher on than Jonathan
  • 42:00 Where Jonathan thinks the best place is for an 18-year-old draft prospect to play
  • 46:00 A debate on Rob Dillingham, who Jonathan is much higher on than Nate

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