Seth Partnow is Joining Dunc’d On!; Discord Mailbag (11.22.22)

Seth Partnow, former head of analytics for the Milwaukee Bucks, discusses his new role with Dunc’d On Prime which includes posting a couple times a week and proprietary stats support. He introduces some of the new stats he’ll be providing, plus some observations he’s gleaned from his analysis early in the season.

Then, Danny and Nate get into great questions from the Discord:

When is it generally time to reevaluate our evaluation on a player, and specifically Lauri Markkanen?

What’s the best way to think about the value of future draft picks?

How is Dunc’d On Prime doing 2 years out?

Should the league get rid of pick protection?

How could having fewer games actually come to fruition?

Nick Nurse’s comments on GTJ

Is is good or bad that stars are moving more via trade than free agency now?

How much do recent social media foibles hurt the league’s image as socially progressive?

Nate’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish.

In honor of Seth joining Dunc’d On Prime, we’re offering a special sale! Subscribe now at

For $149 per year, you will get six ad-free episodes per week – including Hollinger & Duncan – Dan Feldman’s Daily Duncs, access to team-by-team cap sheets, access to the Dunc’d On Discord and more! And now, that “more” will include Seth’s statistical breakdowns!