Paul George reveals the course of negotiations with the Clippers. At 16:00, we catch-up on a few other signings from the last couple days. Then, we reevaluate some interesting predictions about Dejounte Murray, Pascal Siakam, the 2024 playoffs, and more. 27:00 and make some new predictions about:

  • Whether Lauri Markkanen will be traded-41:00
  • Whether Brandon Ingram will be traded-46:00
  • How effective the Nuggets’ new starting 5 will be 48:00
  • Trae Young’s chances of staying in Atlanta 50:00
  • Four or more teams finishing with 60 losses-52:53
  • The Sixers making it thru the playoffs healthy-57:00
  • The top-4 in the West and the top-8 in the East-1:00:50
  • Julius Randle finishing the year as a Knick 1:06

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